AMPKING AK4030 21700 3000mAh

As the new professional energy supplier who focus on vaping industry, AMPKING only use the A level cell 100% from the international certificated factory. Not merely the performance but also the safety under the vaping condition is what we are concerned more when our client using AMPKING instrument.

Amazing AK4030 is our new product which using 21700 cell. With new technology AK4030 achieves typical capacity of 3000mAh and furthermore, a new Rapid Charging Mode which can charge with 4A leading to shortcut almost 50% charging time. Compare to the cell of 18650, the standard of Heating Test is from 80℃up to 130℃, AK4030 do with no explosion and no fire over 30 minutes. And according to the data of overcharging test in Lab it do no fire and no explosion when charging with 20V and 18A, with 7 hours duration. More incredible, refer to short-circuit test it stand in no fire and no explosion with the resistance load of 100mW.

As always choosing the AMPKING, comfort your vaping life.


  • Short-circuit test, Overcharge test is performed with UL1642 standard.
  • Drop test, Forced discharge test is performed with IEC62133 standard.