Buy Geekbar DF6000 and scratch off the authentication label coating.
Enter your SN code below and
WIN ₱1.5 Million Awards!!!

User Agreement:

• This campaign starts from November 23rd and will last 3 months.
• In order to join this campaign, you have to purchase at least 1 Geekbar DF6000 to get your chance.
• You'll need to scratch off the authentication lable coating and enter the SN code in the type-in bar to have 1 access to the lucky draw.
• For every SN code you hold, you'll have one chance to win the awards. So the more you puechase, the bigger chace you'll have.

Important Reminder:

• Please take a screenshot of every awards you have won and keep the packaging with valid SN code for shops and Geekvape to verify.
• If you have won an award, please get to the shop where you purchased the DF6000 -highly recomended - or contact Geekvape to claim your awards.
• Please claim your award within 1 week after you won lucky draw.
• Every claims of awards without valid screenshot/ SN code on the packaging/ time out awarding will not be verified.