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Geekvape to launch new disposable vape brand"Geekbar" in Philippines


Recently, Geekvape hosted an indutry party in Manila, Philippines, with great success, announcing the official debut of a new disposable vape brand “Geekbar” that garnered interest in the country's e-cigarette sector. The event was witnessed by local key opinion leaders, Geekbar partners, and Filipino fans, and it was highly entertaining. 

Geekbar's presence on the global market has expanded at a rapid rate over the course of the previous few years. In both the United Kingdom and the United States, Geekbar has established itself as the undisputed leader in the disposable vape market. Geekbar's launch has piqued the interest of thousands of people in the Philippines, who have been impatiently expecting its arrival. It quickly garnered a lot of attention due to the fact that both its taste and its appearance were remarkable.

At this party, the Geekbar team revealed new channel policies and brand initiatives that would be implemented in the Philippines. These initiatives include a variety of order incentives, activities that will be held in stores, and gatherings for fans. This will unquestionably provide a lift to the Philippine market in light of the recent governmental changes.

Recently, some emerging market regions represented by Southeast Asia have strong demand for disposable electronic cigarettes. GeekBar is also committed to providing high-quality disposable vapes to local customers based on market demand. Geekbar's pursuit of excellence is reflected in the quality of its products. Geekbar adhere to the strictest safety and protection criteria, as stated by Geekbar Marketing director "We place priority on true quality, from procurement and manufacture to marketing and distribution." It is precisely this type of work that local consumers and suppliers can praise highly.

The introduction of the new brand Geekbar has significantly sped up the layout of the market leader Geekvape in the new track and represents another innovation and breakthrough in the field of disposable vapes. At the same time, in the future, Geekbar will continue to prioritize the advancement of product R&D capability, product quality, and customer service, as well as explore various brand localization opportunities.