As CPU for computer, VPU stands for Vaping Processing Unit.

This technology platform integrates the most recent advances in fluid and heat transmission, material safety, and advanced material research to offer customers a complete solution.

Heat Generators

Heat generators are one of the most important components of electro-atomization. The product adopting the vpu technology had a cloud volume increase of 23.7% and each puff provides the user with a consistent flavor restoration

VPU Non-woven Standard
The Industry-leading Testing Standard

Unqualified Non-woven VPU-standard Qualified Non-woven

We have made continuous efforts to achieve a major new breakthrough in the performance of the through-air bonded non-woven, so that we can ensure consistent performance from batch to batch and guarantee consistent quality of our products quality.


Through the careful selection of raw materials and the molding process, we are able to precisely manage the pore size in the range of 0.1 to 80 microns. This allows us match the best pore size for each application scenario with an uniform pore structure.

Safety Performance

Our R&D team has done a lot of aerosol analysis to overcome the problems of excessive condensation, oil absorption, and oil frying, so we can quickly find and solve these problems, and finally achieve a more balanced atomization effect, greatly reduce the possibility of gluing the core, and improve overall safety of use.

After the heater was placed in liquid for 10 days to test its quality, we can see that the above products using vpu technology did not detect heavy metals and corrosion of the heater.


Statistics-based unit process control ensures consistency of quality from batch to batch, and GEEKVAPE's yield has increased to 99.5%.

VPU, the Future is in

With the latest VPU tech, a better experience is provided -mellower taste, longer usage lifespan and safer vape. Let's quest for the future!